New Year New Walks

As I sit here writing this blog I am looking out at a beautiful frosty view – Derbyshire is a beautiful county and the walking terrain is endless. I have a list of ‘go to’  walks that are family favourites, friend favourites or just personal ones. These range from the majestic Dark peak edges to the gentle valleys of the white peak with its lime stone valleys and tinkling streams. At this time of year nature is prolific and bird song fills the air, if you are out on the moors you may well see the Mountain hares dressed in their full white coat awaiting the winter snow to mingle with it in their disguise. So what does the year have in store each new day brings with it a host of possibilities and every month Angela and I will share some of our favourite walks with you and help you enjoy the beauty of the countryside. As for me I have a bucket list of long distance walks and adventures both in the UK and across Europe that I need to start to plan…………………….. I can feel a map buying spree coming on 🙂


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